Enbrighten Cafe Lights

Seasons Color Changing

Let the colors of the season inspire you with Enbrighten Seasons Color Changing Cafe Lights. Simply push a button on the included remote to control and customize your LED cafe lights for any occasion – from holidays, to your team colors on game day, to standard warm vintage white for year-round lighting. Choose from a single solid color, any 2-color combination or various preset color modes like red, white and blue, festive fall colors, Christmas, and more.

Enbrighten Classic Cafe Lights in use

Classic Cafe Lights

Discover the future of lighting with the portable Enbrighten Cafe LED Lights by Jasco. Utilizing patented revolutionary LED technology, the Enbrighten Cafe Lights deliver consistently white, attractive light and unprecedented energy efficiency for a light source you never have to replace. Perfect indoors and out, these string-style lights are great for your office or studio, deck and patio lighting or accenting your home. Adding style to and improving the atmosphere of an outdoor get-together, they feature impact resistant bulbs and are weatherproof, making them perfect for use year-round.

Vintage Series

With the Enbrighten Vintage Cafe Lights, beauty is no longer a thing of the past. Add the sophistication of old-world charm to your deck or patio while still enjoying the convenience of a contemporary, premium design. These carefully crafted Edison-style cafe lights boast the functionality and durability of the standard LED model with a stylish, vintage twist. The impact resistant bulbs exude a soft, amber glow, creating an instantly warm atmosphere to any location. This specialty lighting recreates a 20th century look without the complexities of antique hardware, making it ideal for the historical design enthusiast with a modern edge.

Enbrighten Vintage Cafe Lights in use